Builders Line Nylon – Pink

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Imex 100m 8 Braid Pink Stringline


  • High visibility fluorescent Green, Yellow or Pink.
  • 8 strand braided nylon
  • Handy reel for winding / unwinding
  • 100 m Stringlines 8 strand braided nylon stringlines.
  • Bonded and braided for greater durability.
  • Not affected by extreme moisture, dryness or mildew. Abrasion and Alkali-Resistant.
  • Hi vis fluorescent nylon brick line stands out and are easy to find on site or in your toolbox.
  • Ideal for Staking out sites before concreting, landscaping or laying bricks and blocks.
  • Comes on a plastic reel for easy use and storage.
  • First Choice Of Masons And Contractors.
  • Built-in Elasticity Maintains Tension.
  • Imex 100 m Stringlines is great for staking out sites for concrete and landscape layouts, and also ideal for brick and block laying.
  • This premium quality 100 m Stringlines has been heat set after winding to stabilize and maintain its shape.
  • Ideal for outdoor use as it will not be affected by mortar, oil, or mildew, and will not absorb water.

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